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One-Day Programming Workshops Using Processing

This one-day workshop begins by learning the following basic programming concepts:

  • data types
  • statements
  • variables
  • booleans
  • if/else
  • loops
  • methods
  • objects
  • arrays
  • lists

In one version of the workshop, students type some code presented on the slides after each topic, and then experiment with it.  Questions and discussion help them understand what they observe. 

In another version, we provide a complete working game written in Processing and ask students to begin tinkering with it.  We periodically interrupt to teach one of the above concepts, and answer their many questions as they play with the code ("just-in-time teaching").

After, students can choose from four step-by-step tutorials (one of which is much more advanced, and better suited to students who might have programmed previously).  Students work independently during this segment and can solicit help from the instructor and teaching assistants as needed.

Create Interactive Art and More! Learn to Program with Processing

This version of the workshop was given to adult women through Girl Develop It.  The slides and tutorials are available here.

Go Code Girl

In April 2013, I was contracted to design and teach a one day programming workshop for high school girls at The University of Ottawa.  I based the curriculum off of the Girl Develop It workshop above, tailoring it to the audience.  The slides and tutorials are available here.