So glad you are here! We've got a fun packed week of learning about computer science and how to make a game using GameSalad.

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The Games!

Check out this year's games, made in GameSalad. Note that you need to download a free copy of GameSalad Creator to open and test the games (you can skip registering for an account).


Women in Computer Science and Games

Download the slides on women in CS, and check out these resources:


Usability / Human Computer Interaction

Usability and HCI were our computer science topics today (download the slides). Here are some related links:


Artificial Intelligence

Today's computer science topic was artificial intelligence (download the slides). Here are some related links:

Even More GameSalad Help


Computer Graphics

Today we learned about computer graphics. Download the slides and the example image with both raster and vector pictures (download this to the same folder as well).

You might also be interested in the following:

Binary Numbers

Images (along with everything else on a computer) are ultimately stored as ones and zeros. The binary number system is used to represent numbers on a computer. Download the slides from today's binary numbers presentation, and check out Virtual Ventures!

More GameSalad Help


Computer Science, Game Design

Download the slides on computer science and game design. Check out The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses if you want to learn more about making games.

These are the games we will study:


Check out the user manual for GameSalad Windows Creator.

Explore the template games.

Free Game Assets


We will meet in 4115 Herzberg at 9am Monday morning. We recommend you bring a USB key to save your work on, paper, pens/pencils, and headphones.

In addition to creating your own game, our schedule for the week includes:

On Wednesday at noon, there will be free activities in the Tory Foyer, including a visit from Little Ray's Reptiles and free cotton candy and popcorn.

Facebook Group

Anyone involved with this year's mini-course (or any other year) is welcome to join the Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls Facebook group.

Contact Me!

To talk to Gail, use this contact form. You are welcome to ask me about anything related to the course, Carleton University, and computer science in general! I'd love to hear from you!