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Day 1: Drawing With Python and Turtles

Workshop Notes

Download the slides in PDF format and the sample Python code in zip format.

How to Get Python at Home

Download and install Python (including IDLE).
Opt for version 2 if you don't know which one you want.

Codecademy Lessons

Learn Python interactively and online!

See What's Made With Code


Join the Code.org Movement


Day 2: Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Workshop Notes and Related Links

Download the introduction slides in PDF format.

Download the Raspberry Pi tutorial.

Download the Arduino tutorial.

More commands to use at the command line

Raspberry Pi Getting Started Guides

Official getting started guide

A more detailed getting started guide

A more advanced but even more complete getting started guide

Other Resources

Videos from the Adventures in Raspberry Pi companion website

Seven Great Raspberry Pi YouTube Videos

Geek Gurl Diaries YouTube Channel

More Python Resources

Invent with Python (Learn to Program by Making Computer Games)

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (interactive book teaching Python)

Online Python Tutor

Workshop and Camps in Ottawa

Girl Develop It Ottawa

Ladies Learning Code

For a fun summer camp experience, check out Carleton's Virtual Ventures and Ottawa U's Adventures in Engineering and Science.

Things You Might Want to Buy

Python for Kids

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit

Adventures in Raspberry Pi

You can also purchase a Pi locally at buyapi.ca

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